Wedding Planning Contract Template

By | December 10, 2014

A wedding planning contract is a formal and legally binding document which is made between a wedding planner and a client. A wedding planning contract template on the other hand is a document which can be used as a ready to use wedding planning contract by all those who are interested in forming a contract of this nature.

Templates help users in saving a lot of time as they are already provided with a basic layout of the contract and are left with spaces where users can enter appropriate details to customize the document. A sample of a wedding planning contract template is given below for your reference.

Sample Wedding Planning Contract Template:

Commencement date of contract: __________________ [enter the date of commencement in this space]

Termination date of the contract: _____________________ [enter the date of termination in this space]

This is a wedding planning contract which is formed between the WEDDING PLANNER and the CLIENT.

According to this contract, the WEDDING PLANNER will be offering wedding planning services to the CLIENT.



Name of the CLIENT: _____________________ [enter the full name of the CLIENT]

Address: __________________ [enter the full correspondence address of the CLIENT]

Mobile number: _____________________ [enter the mobile phone number of the CLIENT]


Name of the wedding planner_____________________ [enter the name of the WEDDING PLANNER]

Representative name: ______________________ [enter the name of the representative]

Official address: ____________________ [enter the official address of the WEDDING PLANNER]

Mobile number: ____________________ [enter the mobile phone number of the WEDDING PLANNER]]

Details of the WEDDING

Date of the wedding: _________________ [enter the date of the wedding in dd/mm/yy]

Venue of the wedding: _________________________________________ [give the venue’s address here]

Time: _________________________ [give the time of beginning and estimated time of completion of wedding program]


Decoration style: _________________ [give the details of the decoration in this space]

Color scheme: _________________ [give the color scheme of the wedding decoration]

Cake quantity: _________________ [give the cake quantity here]

Total guests: ________________-[give estimated number of guests to be present]

______________________________ [mention all the other details of the wedding planning here]

Payment details:

Total payment amount: __________________ [give the amount of the payment to be made by the CLIENT to the WEDDING PLANNER]

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  • ____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________[give all the terms and conditions of the contract in this space]

Signatures of the parties:

______________________________ [WEDDING PLANNER]

______________________________ [CLIENT]