Used Vehicle Sale Contract

By | January 30, 2015

A used vehicle sale contract is the contract between the owner of a vehicle and a buyer. The owner must be using the vehicle for a period of time before selling to it the buyer.

This is a contract made between the Seller …….. (name of the seller) and the buyer……..(name of the buyer) for the sale of the Seller’s Vehicle….. (model and make of the vehicle).

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Address of the Seller:

City, State and Postal Code of the seller:

Phone Number of the seller:

Address of the Buyer:

City, State and Postal Code of the buyer:

Phone Number of the Buyer:

Description of the said vehicle:



Interior and Exterior colour of the vehicle:

Features of the vehicle:

Year of Manufacturing:

VIN (vehicle identification number) of the Vehicle as per the documents:

Odometer reading as on given date:

The seller hereby conveys ownership of the motor vehicle described above to the buyer. The seller will provide the buyer with all the documents of the vehicle, such as the recent smog test, inspection, registration document, green slip etc.,

The purchase price shall be $…….., to be in accordance with condition ….. , as described below.

  1. One Time Payment: The purchase price will be paid in its entirety in cash at the time of closing the sale.
  2. Payment in Instalments: A part of the purchase price …. Rs will be paid in cash during the time of the deal. The rest of the payment of $…. will be paid within ….days after the acceptance of this offer by the seller in an amount of not less than $…. payable in not less than ….monthly instalments at an interest rate of not less than … %. If buyer fails to make the payment on or before its due date, a late fee of $ …. shall be added to the balance due and shall be payable immediately.

Both the parties agree that this is an as-is sale with no warranties of any kind expressed or implied about the condition of the car.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of …. and the country of …. and any other applicable laws by the country of ….

Both the parties hereby signify their agreement to all the terms that were mentioned in this contract with their signatures affixed below.

Signature of the Buyer along with the Date…………..

Signature of the seller along with the Date………….