Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts

By | March 28, 2015

A swim in the water can be refreshing only if the swimming pool is clean enough and the water is clear enough. Tough as it may be, maintaining a swimming pool on a regular, almost day to day basis is really necessary. Cleaning the floors of the swimming pool, draining the water and refilling the pool should be done atleast once in three days for a clean pool. This is done by special personnel who are trained and offer to maintain various swimming pools.

When the owner of a swimming pool hires an agency or a person that cleans swimming pools, it is necessary that they form a contract so that it ensures things between the duo and avoids any problems in the future for them.

Here’s what a Swimming Pool Maintenance Contract usually contains:

Before you check out our sample downloadable contracts, you should know what it contains. The aspects that a contract covers are:

  • The details of the swimming pool owner and the maintenance agency to begin with.
  • The tasks to be done as a part of the swimming pool maintenance.
  • The rest of the terms and conditions followed by the signatures of both the parties.

Maintenance Contract Template

Maintenance Contract Template Word

Sample Swimming Pool Maintenance Contract

Swimming Pool Maintenance Contract