Services Contract Checklist

By | March 30, 2015

When a company or a person makes use of the services that are provided by an agent, they usually list out all the duties that are to be done by the agency. This not only gives the agency that provides the services a clarity on all the things that are to be done but also helps the company that has hired the agency make sure that all the services have been provided.

A contract that legally binds the services agency and the company that uses the agency is made. Post that, the checklist is made with the list of all the things to be included for the service.

Here’s what a Service Contract Checklist usually Contains:

A service contract checklist has tasks listed out in it that usually depend on the kind of task that has been taken up by the services agency. One of our sample service contracts that are downloadable for free contains the following.

  • A list of the tasks with sub-divisions.
  • There is a check box next to each task that the agency personnel must tick off when they get done with it.
  • Once all the tasks are done with, the agency personnel and the company head should sign.

Sample Services Contract Checklist

Services Contract Checklist