Sales Commission Contract

By | January 30, 2015

A sales commission contract is an agreement between a sales contractor and a company that manufactures and sells certain goods. The contract is for the commission that is to be paid by the company to the contractor when the goods are sold to the customers.

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Name of the company:

Name of the contractor (Individual or Business):

Address of the contractor:

Tax ID Number:

This agreement is between …… company, a limited liability company that was organized under the laws of ……  and the contractor identified above. It is made with respect to the following agreed facts.

  1. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing and selling a line of …..products under the name of …… The company intends to sell the products to individual consumers for home use.
  2. The contractor desires to place an advertisement on their website …… for the products of the company and to receive a commission for the products sold by the company from visitors linked to the company’s website. The agreement of the dual parties is as set forth below.

The company and contractor agree to the following conditions.

  1. Website advertisement placement: The contractor is authorized to place the company’s advertisement on their website. The contractor shall make no warranties or statements which are not in compliance with the information contained in the company’s website.
  2. Payment of sales commission:The company shall pay to the contractor, a sales commission of 20% of the retail sales price paid by the customer for the products that have been ordered. The retail sales price shall exclude taxes, shipping, handling and any other special charges that the customer pays.

The company shall aggregate all the sales commissions that it owes to the contractor for all the sales made and collected in the most recent billing period. Commission payments shall be made to the contractor only after the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee expires. These payments shall be made on a monthly basis.

  1. Independent Contractor Status: The company has no control or input over the amount of time spent by the contractor in selling the products. The relationship between the parties is that of an independent contractor and not that of an employer/employee.

Signature of the concerned authority from the company along with the date …..

Signature of the concerned authority from the contractor company along with the date…..