Retail Franchise Contract

By | November 25, 2014

A retail franchise contract is a broad head which includes all the contracts that associate with the franchising of any established retail business to another business entity. The retail franchise contract template is the formatted and generalised form of the actual contract.

Anyone who has to frame an actual retail franchise contract but is facing difficulty in doing so can complete the task at hand very easily by the use of this template type. The template gives the user the format and the supported directions as to how to induce the information specific to his/ her case in the template, to generate the specific contract.

Sample Retail Franchise Contract

This is a ___________________ contract (name of the type of the contract being framed) which has been prepared on requirement of:-

The named PARENT COMPANY ______________________ (the company’s official name goes here) which is represented by ____________________ (name of the company’s under-signatory goes here)

And the named FRANCHISEE,  ____________________ (the company’s/ business’s name goes here) represented by ______________________ (name of the respective business’s authorised official goes here).

It is being signed, with effect, on the ________________________________ (date of signing of the contract goes here) to certify that the named PARENT COMPANY has signed off a franchise for their brand to the named FRANCHISEE for a period of __________________ (the total time period for which the franchise has been allowed goes here).

Details of the PARENT COMPANY:

(In this section all the details about the entity as required by the brackets/ heads below are to be filled with accuracy)

Company Name: _________________________________________________

Brand Name: _____________________________________________ (i.e. the name of the brand under which the franchisee will operate)

Authorised Personnel Name/ Job Title: _______________________________________

Contact Address: __________________________________________ (i.e. the complete address including the zip code)

Contact No.: _____________________________________________

Details of the FRANCHISEE:

(In the blanks below all details of the franchisee as is directed by the brackets/ heads, is to be filled out).

Company Name: _______________________________________________ (i.e. the official name of the business that will own the franchise business; not the franchise brand name)

Authorised Personnel Name/ Job Title: _______________________________________

Contact Address: __________________________________________

Contact No.: ______________________________________________

Terms of the Contract:

(In the pointed blanks below, the terms and conditions governing the parties and the arrangement are mentioned).

  1. ____________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________________________


(The authorised personnel from both parties must sign their names on the blanks given and their full names must follow).

_____________________________                            _____________________________