Restaurant Equipment Lease Contract

By | November 24, 2014

A restaurant business may not be able to own all of the heavy duty and expensive equipment especially if it is to be used only occasionally. In this situation the smarter move is to take such equipment on lease basis. The restaurant equipment lease contract is the contract which two parties sign in such a situation.

The restaurant equipment lease contract template is the document which is available to all when they need assistance in framing the actual contracts for their own use. The template follows the exact format that must be followed by the contract and hence there is no scope for format mistake.

Sample Restaurant Equipment Lease Contract

Date: _________________________ (mention here the date of signing the contract in the format: ‘date’ of ‘month’ ‘year’)

This contract has been prepared to be signed by and entered between the restaurateur ______________________ (name of the restaurant owner) of _______________________ (name of the restaurant) and, ________________________ (name of the owner of the equipment) of ________________________ (name the company/ entity).

The former signing party is to be referred to as the LESSEE in the contract and the later as the LESSOR.

This contract states that the named LESSEE has leased out some ___________________ (name the type of equipment leased) from the named LESSOR. Further details of the parties involved and the equipment leased out are contained in the contract.

Date of commencement: ___________________________________

Date of expiry: __________________________________________

(In the blanks above mention the date on which the lease commences and the date on which it expires.)

Details of the LESSOR:

(Here all the relevant details of the equipment owner/ lessor are to be mentioned which includes full name, address complete with postal code, and contact no. along with the area code).

Name: _________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Contact No.: _____________________________

Details of the LESSEE:

(Here the details of the lessee/ individual taking the equipment on lease are to be mentioned just as the details of the lessor above.)

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Contact No.: _______________________________________

Details of the Equipment:

(Here the details of the equipment are to be mentioned.)

Type: ___________________________________

Description: _____________________________

Quantity: _______________________________

Market Purchase Price; ____________________

Terms & Conditions of the Contract:

(Here the terms which both the signing parties have to follow as a guide in the course of the period of the lease is to be mentioned in proper detail.)


(Both the parties must sign their names on the blanks below)

_____________________________                                  _____________________________

(Lessor- name)                                                                               (Lessee- name)