Residential Services Contract

By | February 18, 2015

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A Residential Services contract is an agreement between a client or customer who seeks residential services from a Residential Service providing company, for the services that are provided.

This Residential services contract is dated this ______________ day of _______ month of 20 __.

Name of the client/ customer   _________________________

Contact Number of the client/ customer ______________________

E-mail Address of the client/ customer ______________________

Address of the client/customer ___________________________

Name of the services provider/contractor_____________________________

Contact Number of the services provider/contractor_____________________________

Address of the services provider/contractor_____________________________

E-mail Address of the services provider/contractor_____________________________

The Residential Services Provider/Contractor hereby agrees to provide the following Services to the Client/Customer: [Services that are to be provided explained in detail] _____________________________________________________________________________

Terms and Conditions:

The Residential Services provider may provide the above mentioned services to the client and during the term of their contract, the parties should abide by the following terms and conditions.

  • The Client/Customer is of the opinion that the Residential Services Company employs workers with a clean criminal background check and have the necessary experience, qualifications and abilities to provide services mentioned in this agreement.
  • Client/Customer will provide COMPENSATION to the Residential Services Provider/Contractor of $____________ per (month/week) for the services mentioned in this agreement. Payment is due in full at time of service. Payment accepted: Cash, personal or business checks and debit or credit cards.
  • For the cancellation or reschedule of a cleaning day, a 24-hour notice must be given. If a regular cleaning day falls on New Years Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Fourth of July, or Memorial Day, the contractor’s office shall call to reschedule services.
  • The Residential Services team shall be courteous, not eat or drink, smoke, use profanity, watch TV, use the computer or any other property for personal reasons while cleaning the residence.
  • Either the client or the service provider may terminate or cancel this Agreement at any time by providing ____ days notice to the other Party.

Governing Laws:

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of __________ in __________ Country and any applicable Federal Law.


The Client and the Residential Services provider agree to the terms and conditions provided in the above contract and shall stick to it through the term of the contract.

______________________________________ Date____/____/____
Signature of the Client/Customer

______________________________________ Date____/____/____
Signature of Cleaning Services Provider/Contractor