Rental Property Lease Contract

By | December 10, 2014

A rental property lease contract is the document which is signed between two parties when one of them is leasing out a property they own to the other for their use. The rental property lease contract template is the replication of the actual contract. The template records all the details just like a contract the only difference being- the template has blank spaces instead of personal information.

The user of the template has to fill in the blank spaces with the information that is relevant to the respective situation and the respective entities signing the actual contract. It is very easy to use a template and it also saves a lot of time.

Sample Rental Property Lease Contract

Date of signing: _________________________

(Here the date on which the contract is being signed must be mentioned)

This __________________ contract (name the type of contract) has been prepared to be signed in between ___________________________ (name of the first party signing the contract), who is to be referred to as the “LESSOR” hereon, and, _____________________________________ (name of the second party signing the contract must be mentioned here), who is to be referred to as the “LESSEE” hereon as on the signing date.

The contract states that the lessee has been leased out a property by the lessor for a period of _______________________ (mention the duration for which the lease holds valid) which expires on the _________________________ (mention the date on which the lease expires).

Details of the LESSOR:

(In this section of the contract the details to the lessor i.e. individual providing the lease, are to be given).

Name: _________________________________

Correspondence Address: ____________________________________________

Contact No.: _____________________________

Details of the LESSEE:

(In this section the details of the lessee i.e. the party being given the lease to the property are to be mentioned.)

Name: ____________________________________________

Correspondence Address: _____________________________________________

Contact No.: _______________________________________

Details of the Property:

(In this section the details of the property that is being leased out are to be given)

Property type: ___________________________________

Property Description: _____________________________

Location: _______________________________________

Amount of Lease: ________________________________

Terms & Conditions of the Contract:

(In this section the terms and conditions upon which the respective contract is based are to mentioned in proper detail. They are to be mentioned in the form of points to make for a convenient reference.)


(Here the signatures of both the parties are provided).

_____________________________                                  _____________________________

(Name of Lessor)                                                                                                (Name of Lessee)