Rental Car Contract Agreement

By | November 28, 2014

A rental car contract agreement is the legal document which certifies to the arrangement made between a car renting service entity and another entity that is renting out the car. It is important to formalise the arrangement in form of these legal documents to avoid any problems.

The rental car contract agreement, just like the actual agreement, records all the details of the involved parties, the details of the car being rented out and the terms to which the involved parties have agreed. Those using the template must follow the directions given in the brackets everywhere to fill the blank spaces with information pertaining to their case.

Sample Rental Car Contract Agreement

This rental contract is being signed by ___________________ (name of company giving out rental car), to be referred to as the RENTAL COMPANY hereon after; and the _____________________________ (name of the individual taking the car on rent), to be referred to as the RENTER hereon after; with effect on the ______________________ (date on which the contract is being signed).

The contract holds valid for _______________ (mention the period for which the contract holds valid) months/ years and expires on the ____________________ (date on which the contract expires).

Details of the RENTAL COMPANY:

(The details of the rental company are to be mentioned as indicated by the tiles).

Company Name:

Under-signatory Name:

Correspondence Address:

Contact No.:

Details of the Car:

(Here all the details of the car that is being rented out are to be recorded.)

Car Type:

Car Model Name:

Car Model No.:

Year of Manufacture:

Car Colour:

Car Plates No.:

Market Price:

Details of the RENTER:

(In here, the relevant details of the entity renting out the car are to me mentioned in the blank spaces following the tiles).


Employment Status:

Designation/ Job Title:

Correspondence Address;

Contact No.:

Terms and Conditions:

(The terms of the contract are to be mentioned here, fill the blanks as directed in 3 terms and mention any additional terms in further blanks).

  1. The renter is to pay ___________________ (amount of money to be paid as rent) to the rental Company.
  2. The contract only permits the renter to use the car and is not an ownership transfer.
  3. The renter is responsible for _________________________ of the car (mention the responsibility like maintenance; repair etc. to be fulfilled by renter).


(The blanks below are to be signed by the party representatives, with their names written below).

____________________________                                   ____________________________