Real Estate Franchise Contract

By | November 27, 2014

An established and well known real estate business/ company may allow a certain 3rd party to use its business/ brand name and its business model for a certain period of time. This arrangement is called franchising and the legal agreement that records this arrangement is referred to as the real estate franchise contract.

The real estate franchise contract template does all that the actual contract does, but it in addition it facilitates the very task of writing the contract. That is, the one using the template will get the contract when they replace all the blanks in it, with the information pertaining to their situation.

Sample Real Estate Franchise Contract

Date: ____________________ (the date on which the contract was framed)

This franchise contract is being signed between the real estate firm ____________________ (the full/ official name of the real estate business) who will be referred to as the PARENT COMPANY in the contract and for all related purposes; and _______________________ (the name of the business taking the franchise) who will be referred to as the FRANCHISEE in the contract and for all related purposes.

As per the statement of the contract the named PARENT COMPANY is issuing franchise rights of ___________________ (brand name of the real estate firm) to the named FRANCHISEE, for a period of _______________________ (the duration in years/ months for which franchisee exists) from date of signing mentioned below.

Signing Date: __________________ (date on which the parties sign the contract)


(Follow the brackets and fill out the respective company’s information in the proceeding blanks).

Company Name: _____________________________________ (full and official name of the business that owns the brand/ company)

Brand Name: _____________________________________ (the exact name of the brand of business)

Under-signatory: _____________________________________ (name of the personnel withthe signing authority)

Job Title: _____________________________ (the personnel’s job title)

Contact Address: ___________________________________________________________

Contact No.: ______________________________________

Details of FRANCHISEE:

(As per the bracketed directions fill out the respective company’s information in the blanks)

Company Name: _______________________________________________ (official name of the franchisee owning business)

Contact Address: ___________________________________________________________

Under-signatory: ________________________________ (name of the personnel who is the signing authority in the contract)

Job Title: _______________________________ (above named personnel’s job title)

Contact No.: ______________________________________________

Terms of the Contract:

(In the points below mention all the terms for the arrangement with utmost accuracy)

  1. ____________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________


(Blanks must be filled by signs of the under- signatories for both the parties. Their names must be mentioned below the signatures.)

_____________________________                            _____________________________