Project Manager Contract

By | March 30, 2015

A project can only get successful when everything goes in order and every task to be done has a plan to be chalked out. A project manager is hence necessary for any project so that he takes care of the project until its completion. When a company hires a project manager for a very important project, they always sign a contract with him on things related to the project and his role in it so that clarity is attained by both the parties and so that any misunderstandings that could arise can be avoided.

A project manager contract is a legally binding agreement between the project manager and the company that lays down all the terms and conditions of the work of the manager.

Here’s What a Project Manager Contract Usually Contains:

A sample project manager contract is right here on our site for free download. But before you get to that, here are all the things that a project management contract contains listed out.

  • The details of the project manager and the company.
  • The tasks that are to be taken up by the project manager.
  • Terms and conditions followed by the signatures of project manager and company head.

Sample Project Manager Contract

Project Manager Contract