Personal Training Franchise Contract

By | November 24, 2014

A personal training company that operates under an established brand name may allow other business entities to run one of their franchise companies. If this happens, both the business entities are to sign a contract which is then referred to as the personal training franchise contract.

The contract has the details of the parent company as well as the company that is to run the franchise along with the other relevant details of the arrangement.  A personal training contract template is a ready to use version of such contracts and can be customised for easy use.

Sample Personal Training Franchise Contract

This is a franchise contract signed between ________________________ (mention the name of the business brand whose franchise is being provided) represented by ___________________ (name of official authority of the respective entity), to be referred to as the PARENT COMPANY; and _________________________ (name of the company/ business taking the franchise) represented by ____________________ (name of the respective company’s authority individual), to be referred to as the FRANCHISE HOLDER.

The contract comes to effect on the _____________________________ (date of signing the contract) certifying that the named parent company has provided the named franchise holder with the franchise of their business.

Details of the PARENT COMPANY:

(The details of the parent company are recorded in the section below, all the details must be filled in the order as is prescribed by the titles mentioned.)

Company Name:

Company Headquarters:

Name of authorised personnel:

Contact Address:

Contact No.:

Details of the FRANCHISE HOLDER:

(Here the details of the business entity that will be holding the franchise are to be mentioned just as the titles below prescribe).

Company Name:

Name of authorised personnel:

Job title of the personnel:

Contact Address:

Contact No.:

Details of the FRANCHISE:

(The basic details of the franchisee itself are to given here).

Brand Name:

Type of Business:

Terms of the Contract:

  1. The franchise is being issued to the named holder for a lump-sum amount of ____________________ (mention the price for which franchise is issued).
  2. The holder will have the right to function under the brand name for __________________________ (mention the duration for which franchise will hold) which expires on ____________________ (mention the date of expiry of the franchise contract).
  3. The holder will have to comply with all the ethical and ____________________ regulation (mention the regulations which the holder has to follow as a part of the contract) of the parent company.


­_____________________________                      _____________________________

(PARENT Co)                                                                                          (FRANCHISE holder)