Management Contract Template

By | December 10, 2014

A management contract is a kind of a contract which is made between a client and a service provider who the client hires to provide management related services. A management contract template on the other hand is a document which works as an outline to an actual management contract.

The template must consist of all the fields needed in a management contract and should be left with spaces which the user can use to customize the template. These templates are useful as they help to save the time of the user and are also very simple to use and personalize. A sample of a management contract template is given below for your reference.

Sample Management Contract Template:

Effective date of the contract: ___________________ [mention effective date of the contract]

Termination date of the contract: ______________________ [mention the date of completion/termination of the contract]

Effective length of contract: ________________ [mention the total effective length of contract]

This is an Office management contract that has been made by and between the parties with the following given details:


Name of the client:  _____________________ [enter name of the client here]

Address of the client: ____________________ [enter the address of the client here]

Mobile number of the client: ____________________ [enter the mobile number of the client here]


Name of the manager: _____________________ [enter the name of the office manager here]

Address of the manager: ____________________ [enter the address of the manager here]

Mobile number of the manager: ____________________ [enter the mobile number of the manager here]

According to this contract, the CLIENT has hired the OFFICE MANAGER to handle administration of the office space of the CLIENT.

Details of the Management service

Address of the office: __________________ [mention the full address of the office space]

Duties of manager:

  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________ [mention the various duties that the manager would have to perform]

Number of working days: _____________ [give the number of working days]

Working hours per day: _______________ [give the working hours per day]

Payment details

Total monthly payment: _________________ [give the total monthly payment amount here]

Terms and Conditions of the contract are given as follows:

  • __________________________________[mention the roles and responsibilities of each party in this space]
  • ___________________________________[mention the restrictions and rules of the contract in this space]
  • __________________________________[give all the other important terms in bullet points]

Signatures of the parties:

______________________________ [signature of the CLIENT]

______________________________ [signature of the OFFICE MANAGER]