Long Term Service Contract

By | February 5, 2015

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A long term service contract is an agreement between a company and another company providing services to the former for a long time.

This Service Agreement is made and will effective on _______ day of _______________, 20_____


…………………[Company Name]

………………………………..street address along with city, state and zip code


…………………….[Company Name]

…………………………………street address along with city, state and zip code

First Company (customer) is of the opinion that the second company (service provider) has necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide services that are needed by the business of the customer.

The second company the service provider is agreed for providing quality services to the first company (customer) following the terms and conditions stated in the service agreement signed by both companies.

In consideration of the matters stated above and in consideration of mutual benefits set forth in this agreement, the parties to this agreement agree on the points as follows:


The customer agrees to engage the second company (service Provider) to provide the customer with services consisting of several services like seeking potential buyers and others on which the customer service provider and the customer agree upon from time to time and the service provider which is the second company agrees to provide stated services under stated terms and conditions.

Term of Agreement

 The term of this agreement will start on the date of this agreement and will remain in full force and effect until the termination date of this agreement that is ______/______/___________ but this term can be extended with the consent of both parties to the agreement.


Both parties to the agreement agree on each and every clause of the contract and to do everything necessary to ensure that the terms and conditions of this agreement take effect.


For the services provided to the first company by the service provider (second company) under this agreement, the customer will pay to the service provider the amount of $ ___________ per month as compensation and the customer is entitled to deduct from the service provider’s compensation any applicable deductions and remittances enforceable by law.

Return of Property

Once the agreement is expired, the service provider will return to the customer any property, documentation, concerned records and confidential/proprietary information which is the property of customer.

Governing Law

It is the intention of the parties that this agreement and the performance under this agreement all special proceedings under this agreement shall be construed in accordance with and under the laws of state [State Name] without regard to the jurisdiction in which any action or special proceeding may be instituted.

The parties have duly executed this Service Agreement on ____ day of _________________, 20______.