Long Term Employment Contract

By | February 2, 2015

A long term employment contract is a contract between a company and an employee who wishes to work long-term for the company.

This is an employment agreement between [Company Name] and [Employee Name] that as of [Start Date]. [Employee Name] will be engaged as the [Job Title]


A long term employee has the following roles in a company:

  • Earns employment income.
  • Works as an integral part of the organization.
  • Is on payroll, with statutory deductions made and a T4 issued by the company.
  • Does not have a set end date to the employment agreement.
  • May work full or part time.
  • May be entitled to benefits.


  1. This offer of employment is conditional upon a satisfactory background check, obtained through the Diocesan approved process. As such, prior to beginning this position, the Diocese must have obtained a copy of [Employee Name]’s criminal record check and [Company Name] must have cleared you for high-risk ministry.
  2. This [full]-time position commences [start date], and is subject to the rights of termination provided for later in this agreement.
  3. [Employee Name]’s salary will begin at $[amount] annually. All remuneration will be prorated    for      any partial year, and is subject to withholdings and deductions required by law and company policy, the costs to be shared by the employee and the employer as policy dictates.
  4. Payment will be made on [payroll schedule, i.e. ,,, of every month, or every … day of the week, etc.] and will be subject to standard statutory deductions
  5. [Employee Name] is entitled to [#] sick days per year, beyond which any time taken due to illness or personal reasons will be unpaid.
  6. The [Job Title] will report to and meet regularly with the [Supervisor’s Title] or his/her designate. Annual performance reviews will take place.
  7. The regular office hours are between [start time] and [end time] with a one-hour lunch break. However, some flexibility of hours is required to accommodate the variety of work load and parish activities at particular times of the year.


[Employee Name] may resign [his/her] employment at anytime by providing the company with [two/three/four] weeks’ written notice.  The company may waive all or part of this notice period in its sole discretion but agrees to pay [Employee Name] the wages that [he/she] would have been paid had [he/she] worked until the end of the notice period.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed this Agreement.


Date                                                     Signature of the employee


Signature of the concerned authority in the company