General Partnership Contract

By | March 30, 2015

Often times, it is only partnership that can make things work as nothing leads better towards success than when two like minds put their brains and efforts into something. But when two parties get into any sort of partnership, it is really important to lay some terms and conditions on the work that they will be sharing or on the benefits that they will be sharing.

It is for this reason that a general partnership contract is really necessary to be written and signed by the dual parties before they begin the partnership. It avoids any complications that can arise in the partnership.

Here’s What a General Partnership Contract usually Contains:

Before you download our sample general partnership contracts, you should know that this is what one of these contracts usually contains.

  • It begins with the names and the contact details of both the parties.
  • The kind of work that is done is explained, after which the terms and conditions including everything that pertains to the partnership, like the responsibilities that the duo are going to share and the sharing of the benefits.
  • It then ends with the signatures of the two parties along with the dates.

Sample General Partnership Contract