General Manager Employment Contract

By | February 2, 2015

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Employment Contract Worksheet to Print

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This is an agreement between an employer and an employee outlining terms and conditions of the employment, such as compensation and benefits for a general manager. The responsibilities and duties of an office manager will vary from business to business but often include: Hiring and firing of employees, ordering supplies, performing payroll duties, performing accounting duties and performing general every-day tasks running for the efficient running of the business as listed out below in the contract.

This employment agreement should be retained by the human resources department and kept in the employee’s personnel file.

Name of the Employer :

Address of the Employer:

Contact Number of the Employer:

Name of the Employee:

Address of the Employee:

Contact Number of the Employee:

Place of Work:

Address of the Work Place:

Date of commencement of the employment:

Job Title: General Manager

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities to be followed after the commencement of the employment:

  • Manage the general operations of the business.
  • Provide leadership consultation to the management personnel.
  • Take up the responsibility to devise and implement short term and long term program development.
  • Modification of the programs and plans based on the administrative and executive mission ideas.
  • Responsibility to plan and develop organization’s policies and goals.
  • Undertake the responsibility for some or all of the sales of the company.
  • Undertake other responsibilities such as marketing, accounting, human resources and some other specialist operations.
  • Preparation of timely reports regarding the company’s activities.
  • Preparing the budget forecasts and presenting them to the higher authorities whenever asked for.
  • Co-ordination of the activities of all the divisions and departments of the company.
  • Co-ordination of the activities of the other branches like operations, services, planning, sales, maintenance and research and development.
  • Take up responsibility to direct coordinate promotion of products or services.
  • Analyzing the budget requests to identify areas in which reductions can be made.

Details and Conditions of Work

Date of termination of employment:

Number of Meal Intervals and duration:

Annual Leave details:

Family responsibility leave:

Special Details:


Weekend Working hours and conditions:

Sick Leave details:

Deduction from remuneration in case of leave:

Hours of Work per week:

Details of the Public Holidays that are permitted:

Maternity Leave details:

Accomodation  Leave:

The Employee and the Employer hereby agree to all the above conditions that were mentioned in the above contract.

Signature of the Employee and Date:

Signature of the Employer and Date: