Event Rental Contract

By | February 24, 2015

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The Event Rental Contract is an agreement between the guest and the host of a venue that is being used by the guest for an event for certain duration of time.

Name of the guest: ________________________________________

Phone No: ________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

Name of the Venue host:

Phone No: ________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

Event: ________________________________________

Location of the Venue :      ________________________________________

This Agreement is made effective as of ______________________________ (date of the day the agreement has been signed), by and between ____________________________________ (venue guest) and ______________________________ (venue host).

Terms and Conditions:

In order to prevent misunderstanding or confusion between entities, the __________________________________ (name of the venue guest) agrees to the following stipulations as part of their understanding regarding the use of facilities owned/leased by __________________________________ (name of the venue host).

  1. Facility Usage Term of the Venue (including permitted times): ________________________
  2. Premises Location: _____________________________________
  3. Condition of Premises: _______________________________________

The premises are provided “as is and with all faults” with the user accepting all defects, if any; and the provider makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to the premises.

  1. Facility Usage Rate:

Deposit (refundable less damages) $_____________________

Receipt of Deposit Guaranties Date: _____________________

Facility Fee – $_____________________

  1. Acceptable Usage:

User agrees to conduct its activity at the facility abiding by all the conditions that were set by the host so as to use the venue for the purpose that has been mentioned by him and so as not to endanger any person or property on the facility campus.


If the guest cancels the contract within _____________(days) of the event they will be refunded   with _____________ (amount)% of the original fee. If the guest cancels within ____________ (days) of the event they will receive ____________ (amount)%, and after ____________ (days) no refund will be given.

If the host cancels the contract, they will either provide a substitute venue or refund the full anount minus the cost of non refundable deposits.

Governing Law:

This rental contract abides by the laws of _____________ (state) and of the laws of ______________ (the country).


The Venue guest and the Venue host hereby agree to all the terms of the contract and abide by it from the date of the start of the contract.

Venue Host:                                                              Venue Guest:

____________________________________     ____________________________________

Authorized Signature, date                            Authorized Signature, date