Event Planning Contract Template

By | December 10, 2014

An event planning contract template is a document which can be considered as a ready to use event planning contract that is used by event planning companies to establish a formal and legally binding arrangement with their clients. Such contract templates are very useful as they already have a proper layout of the contract document and makes it easy for the users to frame the needed agreement.

An event planning contract template is left with blank spaces where the users can enter the required information in order to customize or personalize the template and use it formally. A sample of an event planning contract template is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Event Planning Contract Template:

This is event planning contractis made effective by and between the parties with the names __________________ [give the name of the EVENT PLANNER], herein referred to as the EVENT PLANNER and _________________ [give the name of the CLIENT], herein referred to as the CLIENT.

Commencement date of contract: __________________ [give the date of commencement in this space]

Termination date of the contract: _____________________ [give the date of termination in this space]



Name: _____________________ [give the name of the EVENT PLANNER]

Official address: ____________________ [give the official address of the EVENT PLANNER]

Mobile number: ____________________ [give the mobile number of the EVENT PLANNER]


Name: _____________________ [give the full name of the CLIENT]

Address: __________________ [give the full correspondence address of the CLIENT]

Mobile number: _____________________ [give the mobile number of the CLIENT]

Details of EVENT

Date: _________________ [mention the date of the event in dd/mm/yy format]

Venue: _________________________________________ [give the address of the venue of the event]

Occasion: _____________________ [give the occasion for the event]

Time: _________________________ [give the time frame of the event]

[Mention here the various details of the event]


Theme: ___________________ [give the theme chosen by the CLIENT for the event]

Color scheme: ________________ [enter necessary details]


_____________________________________________ [give all the other specifications of the event planning or organisation]

Payment details:

Total payment amount: __________________ [give the total sum to be paid by the CLIENT to the EVENT PLANNER]

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  • ____________________________________________[give the basic clauses of the event planning contract in this space]
  • ____________________________________________[mention the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the contract]
  • ___________________________________________[mention the defaulting situations under which contract can terminate]
  • ___________________________________________[mention all the other terms and conditions]

Signatures of the parties:

______________________________ [EVENT PLANNER]

______________________________ [CLIENT]