Event Planner Contract Agreement

By | November 27, 2014

An event planner contract agreement is the agreement made between an event planner/ event planning agency and a client. The contracts are generally prepared to formalize the arrangement wherein the planner has agreed to provide services to the respective client.

An event planner contract agreement template is the simple piece of document which highlights the way in which the real agreement should be framed. Many people who need to make the contracts take the help of a template because it is very easy to use and hence saves them a lot of time, which can be utilized otherwise.

Sample Event Planner Contract Agreement

This contract is being entered in between _______________________________ (mention the name of the event planner representative for the contract) of _________________________ (mention the name of the event planning company), to be referred to as the EVENT PLANNERS hereafter; and ___________________________ (mention the name of the individual seeking the planning services), to be referred to as the CLIENT hereafter in the contract.

Date: _________________________ (mention in here the date on which the parties are signing the respective contract).

The contract comes to effect on above mentioned date of signing mentioned above and it states that the named EVENT PLANNERS have agreed to provide _________________ services (mention kind of services) to the named CLIENTS.

The contract binds the PLANNERS to serve the CLEINTS for __________________ (the period of months/ years for which service will be provided) that is, till _______________________ (the date on which the contract will be deemed terminated by law).

Details of the EVENT PLANNERS:

(Fill all the blanks below, with the details that are indicated as required by the titles).

Company Name: _________________________________________________

Name of under-signatory: __________________________________________

Under-signatory Job Title: _________________________________________

Correspondence Address: __________________________________________

Correspondence Number: __________________________________________

Web Address: ___________________________________________________

Details of the CLIENT:

(All the blanks below must be filled out with the exact information as is indicated by the titles).

Name: ____________________________________

Employment Status/ Type: ________________________________

Designation: __________________________________________

Correspondence Address: ____________________________________

Correspondence Number: ____________________________________

List of Services to be provided:

  1. The planners are required to manage and plan the ____________________ (mention the specific event to be planned for) event to be held on ______________________ (mention the date on which event to be held).
  2. The planning will include ____________________________ (mention the specific details/ duties included in the planning of the event)
  3. ________________________________________________________ (any additional services covered must be mentioned)


(Below mention the basic terms of the arrangement).

  1. _______________________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________________


(The signs of the parties are required below).

________________________________                      ________________________________