Equipment Maintenance Contract

By | February 17, 2015

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This contract is between an equipment maintenance company and owner of the equipment for the maintenance of equipment in question.

This equipment maintenance agreement is made effective from …….. (date).

Between :

……………. (Name of the company/ the contractor), a corporation organized under the existing laws of ……. (state           and country) with its head office located at:

………………….. (address of the company)


…………….(Equipment owner/ client) a corporation organized under the existing laws of ……. (state           and country) with it’s head office located at:

………………….. (address of the company)

The client is desirous of availing of equipment maintenance services provided by the service provider.

The service provider is a qualified provider of equipment maintenance services and is willing to provide such services to the client as per the terms and conditions that are mentioned here.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All of the Equipment described above shall be inspected and repaired on a regular basis, as suggested by the Equipment’s maintenance manual supplied by the manufacturer for each specific piece of equipment.

    2. The contractor shall respond to any of Client’s requests for Emergency repairs within _____ hours of receiving a request from Client.

    3. Contractor shall make sure that all services that are provided under the terms of this agreement are to be performed by properly trained and certified individuals.

  2. To pay the Contractor $_____ on the _____ day of each month for the duration of this stated contract. This agreement will start with a payment of $_____ no later than ____/____/____.

    b. To pay to Contractor for individual required repairs that are performed by Contractor the price specified in the attached List of Repairs and hereby incorporated into this Equipment Maintenance Contract by reference.

    c. To purchase from or provide to the Contractor all required parts, supplies and other materials that may be necessary and reasonable in order to properly maintain the Equipment in good working order.

  3. All invoices for monthly maintenance and repair fees, including all supplies and services billed, will be submitted by Contractor or an employee of the Contractor to the Client no later than the _____ day of each month for the duration of this agreement.

This agreement will expire on ____/____/____ at which time the Client and Contractor may extend the stated terms in writing.

In agreement to the above mentioned terms the Client and Contractor sign below:

______________________________________ Date____________
Signature of the Client

______________________________________ Date____________
Signature of Contractor