Engineering Consulting Contracts

By | November 25, 2014

An engineering consulting contract is a kind of a contract which is made between a company and an engineering consultant where in the company uses the services of the consultant so as to resolve issues which it may not be skilled to do on its own. The contract mentions all the terms and conditions which form the basis of the arrangement between the two parties.

An engineering consulting contract template is a document using which anyone can make an engineering consulting contract with least work and in the minimum time frame. The template is left with blank spaces which can be filled in by the user so as to customize the document. A sample of an engineering consulting contract is given below and can be used for reference.

Consulting Contract Template

Consulting Contract Template Word

Sample Engineering Consulting Contract

The effective date of this engineering consulting contract is _____________________________ (date of signing the contract) whereas the termination date of this contract is ____________ (give the termination date of the contract).

The contract shall remain into effect for a period of ____________ (give the total length of the contract) which is the EFFECTIVE LENGTH of the contract.

This is an engineering consulting contract which has been formed to ______________ (give the purpose of formation of the contract). Through this contract, ____________ (mention the appropriate information).

The contract has been formed by and between:


Name of the CLIENT: ___________________

Official address of the CLIENT: ___________________

Contact number of the CLIENT: ____________________

(All the personal details which define the CLIENT must be mentioned in these spaces)



Name of the CONSULTANT: __________________

Official address of the CONSULTANT: ________________

Contact number of the CONSULTANT: _____________________

(All the personal details which define the CONSULTING must be mentioned in these spaces)


Services to be provided on ______________ (give the date and time on which the services will be provided)

List of services:

  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________(list down all the services which will be provided)

Cost of the services: ____________ (give the total cost of the services that are being provided)


  1. The CONSULTANT will be working on ___________(give the days on which the CONSULTANT will be working)
  2. The CLIENT must make the entire payment on _________________(give the date on which the CLIENT will be paying)

__________________________(give all the other terms and conditions of the contract point wise)


­_____________________________                      _____________________________

(CLIENT signature)                                                  (CONSULTANT signature)