Employment Contract for Restaurant Manager

By | February 2, 2015

Employment Contract Template

Employment Contract Template

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This contract is between a restaurant and an employee that is being hired to manage a restaurant. The employer will have important managerial duties such as hiring, training, terminating, supervising and managing the staff.  He will also have to maintain and operate the restaurant handling all the accounting of the restaurant and more. It is vital to get these agreements in writing to ensure that the understandings of both the properties are properly set forth.

This agreement is ideal for restaurants or other small businesses that want to hire a manager.

Name of the Employer :

Address of the Employer:

Contact Number of the Employer:

Name of the Employee:

Address of the Employee:

Contact Number of the Employee:

Place of Work:

Address of the Restaurant:

Date of commencement of the employment:

Job Title: Restaurant Manager

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities of the Restaurant Manager to be followed after the employment: Managing all the areas of the operations during the scheduled shifts of the employment. The areas of operations include:

  • Spot decision making.
  • Supporting the staff.
  • Full interaction with the guests.
  • Ensuring that the needs of the guest are our main focus.
  • Enforcing standards for the personal performance of the staff.
  • Assess staffing needs and thereby recruiting staff based on the requirements.
  • Monitor the purchasing, storage, preparation, cooking, handling and additionally serving of food beverages in accordance with the correct recipe, portion and additional specification standards as per the guests’ requirements
  • Act as a support system for all the areas of the restaurant.
  • Organize direct training programs within the restaurant.
  • Maintain spotlessly clean and safe restaurant standards at all the times.
  • Ensuring highest quality levels of product hospitality.
  • Leading all the assigned jobs with passion, integrity, determination and excellence.

Details and Conditions of Work

Date of termination of employment:

Number of Meal Intervals and duration:

Annual Leave details:

Family responsibility leave:

Special Details:


Weekend Working hours and conditions:

Sick Leave details:

Deduction from remuneration in case of leave:

Hours of Work per week:

Details of the Public Holidays that are permitted:

Maternity Leave details:

Accommodation  Leave:

The Employee and the Employer hereby agree to all the above conditions that were mentioned in the above contract.

Signature of the Employee and Date:

Signature of the Employer and Date: