Consulting Contract Template

By | September 15, 2014

A consulting contract is a kind of a contract or a legally binding arrangement which is made between a client and a consultant who provides some or the other kind of consulting services. A consulting contract template on the other hand is a ready to use consulting contract which is provided with incomplete fields and details that are needed in a contract of this nature.

The template provides a layout and outline of a contract and makes it easy and time saving for those who wish to frame consulting contracts. A consulting contract template is so popular because it can be customized very easily. For your reference, a sample of one such template is provided below.

Sample Consulting Contract Template

This is a consulting contract which has been formed by and between the BUSINESS CONSULTANT and the CLIENT wherein the former will be providing business consultancy and advice to the latter.

Commencement date of the contract: ___________________ [the date on which the contract commences must come here]

Termination date of the contract: ______________________ [the date on which the contract terminates must come here]

Effective term of the contract: _______________________ [the total length of the contract must come here]



Name: _____________________ [give the full name of the business consultant]

Address: ____________________ [give the official correspondence address of the business consultant]

Phone: ____________________ [give the official contact number of the business consultant]


Name: _____________________ [give the full name of the client]

Business name: ________________ [give the business entity name of the client]

Address: ____________________ [give the official address of the client]

Phone: ____________________ [give the official contact number of the client]

Consulting Details:

Nature of consultancy: _________________ [give the nature of consultancy]

Days of work: _________________ [give the days on which the business consultant will be working]

Timing of work: ________________ [give the timing details of work here]

Payment details

Monthly consultancy fee: _________________ [give the monthly fee for consultancy service]

To be paid on date: _____________ [give the date the fee is to be paid every month]

Terms and Conditions:

  • ____________________________________________[give the clause of service in this space]
  • ____________________________________________[give the clause of payment in this space]
  • ___________________________________________[give the clause of termination in this space]
  • ___________________________________________[give all the other clauses and terms in bullet points]

Signatures of the parties:

______________________________ [signature of the BUSINESS CONSULTANT should come here]

______________________________ [signature of the CLIENT should come here]