Construction Development Contract Template

By | November 24, 2014

A construction development contract is that kind of a contract or an agreement which is formed between a construction company and the client who hires the construction company for some kind of a construction development work. The contract is a legally binding document which lays down all those terms and conditions on the basis of which the parties are tied in agreement together. The contract must be drafted formally and as per legal standards.

Those who find it difficult to frame such contracts can take help of construction development contract templates. Construction development contract template is those ready to use documents which have the proper format and structure of a construction development contract. These templates can easily be customized and used for personal purposes. A Sample of a construction development contract template is given below for reference.

Sample Construction Development Contract Template:

Commencement date of contract: _________________[give the commencement date of the contract]

Termination date of contract: _______________[give the termination date of the contract]

Total effective length of contract: _____________[give the total effective length of the contract]

This is a construction development contract formed by and between the CLIENT and the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY wherein the CLIENT has hired the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY for the construction development of _________ [mentions the property details].



Name of the CLIENT: _________________ [enter the name of the CLIENT in this space]

Phone number of the CLIENT: ____________ [enter the phone number of the CLIENT in this space]

Address of the CLIENT: ______________ [enter the address of the CLIENT in this space]

Name of the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: _________________ [enter the name of the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY in this space]

Phone number of the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: _______________ [enter the phone number of the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY]

Address of the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: ______________ [enter the address of the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY]


The following are the construction development details:

  • _______________________________________________ _
  • _________________________________________________[in these spaces, mention all the details of the construction development that will be done by the construction company]


The CLIENT shall be paying a total sum of _____________ [mention the amount] to the CONSUTRCTION COMPANY]

Terms and Conditions:

  • _____________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________
  • [give all the terms and conditions of the contract which have been mutually discussed and agreed upon by both the involved parties]


_____________________ [The client must sign in this space]

_____________________ [the construction company representative must sign in this space]