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Computer Service Contract

A computer service providing agency is something that every company will need at one point of time. The computer services not only provide computers but also any services regarding the computers. When a company hires a computer service, the company and the service provider always make a contract to ensure that things between them are… Read More »

Advantage Service Contract

Every house or an establishment needs an advantage company to have things running in it. All the electrical services and the electrical, plumbing and the other needs that advantage companies usually take care of made them a pre-requisite for every household or a company. When we hire an advantage service contract to do things for… Read More »

Cleaning Services Contract

Employing cleaning services for cleaning homes, offices and just about anything has become something of a norm of late. It is good idea to hire one too as it makes sure that cleaning is done at a faster pace and with more effectiveness. A contract is almost always formed between a cleaning services agency and… Read More »

Auto Service Contracts

A vehicle must constantly be sent to servicing agency to have everything checked up and cleaned. This helps ensure that it continues working with the same effectiveness. Before you decide to give your vehicle to the servicing agency for the auto services that they provide, however, you will have to make a contract with the… Read More »

Lawn Service Contract Template

A lawn can stay beautiful only when maintained and a well-maintained lawn is always an indicator of a well-maintained office or a home. But maintaining a lawn has never been an easy job, especially if you want to do it all by yourself. Hiring a lawn service company, that has professional experience in taking care… Read More »

Janitor Services Contract

A janitor plays a major role in taking care of things in any business, big or small. As much as it is important to have a janitor for every company or an office, it is really important to form a contract with the janitor so that the duties and other exchanges between the company and… Read More »

HVAC Service Contract

A HVAC company provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for household purposes or companies. This contract is for an  agreement between a HVAC company and a customer who is utilising the services of the said company. Sample Template for Free Download Name of the HVAC Company: Contact Number: Address: Name of the Customer (company… Read More »

Vehicle Services Contract

Any vehicle requires periodic maintenance for it to function at its best and last for the longest time. When we choose the right services agent for our vehicle and decide to hand over our car for services that we’d like to have from them, we should make a contract with them so that they can… Read More »

Personal Services Contract

Oftentimes people who are too busy to take care of their businesses will need a personal service provider. When they hire a personal service provider, they will have to agree on certain terms and conditions along with the work that is going to be shared. And for this purposes, the duo will need to make… Read More »

Services Contract Checklist

When a company or a person makes use of the services that are provided by an agent, they usually list out all the duties that are to be done by the agency. This not only gives the agency that provides the services a clarity on all the things that are to be done but also… Read More »