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Car Selling Contract Templates

Selling a car is common to make a business nowadays. Used car for sale to a private dealer or buyer is more economical thing to do than selling it to a car company or car dealership. With the use of a template, creating a car selling contract is much easier and professionally presentable with a… Read More »

Used Vehicle Sale Contract

A used vehicle sale contract is the contract between the owner of a vehicle and a buyer. The owner must be using the vehicle for a period of time before selling to it the buyer. This is a contract made between the Seller …….. (name of the seller) and the buyer……..(name of the buyer) for… Read More »

Real Estate Sales Contract

A real estate sales contract is a contract regarding the sale of land or any other real estate property between the buyer and seller of the property. Free Sample for Download Date: I/We will give the following described property in ….. in ….. county in the state of …. commonly known as: Address of the… Read More »

Sales Commission Contract

A sales commission contract is an agreement between a sales contractor and a company that manufactures and sells certain goods. The contract is for the commission that is to be paid by the company to the contractor when the goods are sold to the customers. Free Sample for Download Name of the company: Name of… Read More »

Bill of Sale Contract

A Bill of sale contract is a contract between a buyer and a seller of an item. In the below case, the item is sold in an as-is condition with no installments or warranties. The item below hereby sold and transferred from the seller ….. (full name of the seller)  to the buyer…. (full name… Read More »