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Sale of Goods Contract Template

A sale of goods contract is one of the common form of contract used for a business transaction which pertains to purchasing of goods. It is usually done to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of the seller and buyer are under the legal process and clearly emphasize to be understand by both parties. Creating… Read More »

House Purchase Contract

A house purchase contract is a form of contract intended for the two parties involved namely the buyer and the seller of the house. The contract form is created for the purpose of emphasizing the purchase of house based on the terms and conditions as agreed by both parties. A house purchase contract is a… Read More »

General Partnership Contract

Often times, it is only partnership that can make things work as nothing leads better towards success than when two like minds put their brains and efforts into something. But when two parties get into any sort of partnership, it is really important to lay some terms and conditions on the work that they will… Read More »