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Executive Employment Contract

An executive employment contract is also known as executive employment agreement. It is intended for companies and organizations engaged into business for business purposes. It is clearly defined as an agreement made when a certain corporation of company accepted a fresh executive individual after being hire to their company or organization. Thus, the responsibilities of… Read More »

Real Estate Sales Employment Contract

A real estate sales employment contract is an agreement between a real estate broker and a sales representative with regards to the sale, lease or purchase of a real estate property. This contract is between ………………….  (name of the real estate broker) and ……………. (name of the sales representative) and is effective from …………….. (date).… Read More »

Long Term Employment Contract

A long term employment contract is a contract between a company and an employee who wishes to work long-term for the company. This is an employment agreement between [Company Name] and [Employee Name] that as of [Start Date]. [Employee Name] will be engaged as the [Job Title] ROLES OF THE EMPLOYEE A long term employee… Read More »

Agency Employment Contract

The agency employment contract is an agreement between a company and an employment agency that has agreed to provide personnel to be employed into the company. This employment agency agreement is made is effective ………..  (the date of the day the agreement was made) Between : (The name of the agency), a company organized and… Read More »

General Manager Employment Contract

Employment Contract Template Employment Contract Worksheet to Print Performance Contract Template in iPages Simple Freelance Contract Template Consulting Contract Word Template Business Contract Template in Google Docs Sample Contract for Free Download This is an agreement between an employer and an employee outlining terms and conditions of the employment, such as compensation and benefits for a… Read More »

Employment Contract for Restaurant Manager

Employment Contract Template Sample template for free download This contract is between a restaurant and an employee that is being hired to manage a restaurant. The employer will have important managerial duties such as hiring, training, terminating, supervising and managing the staff.  He will also have to maintain and operate the restaurant handling all the… Read More »