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Retail Space Lease Contract

Retail spaces are often given out for lease as most retailers don’t prefer to buy out an entire property just for a few-years use. The conditions that are made when renting out a retail space are very different from the ones made when renting out a house. And therefore, it is all the more important… Read More »

IT Consulting Contract

It would be impossible for any company to get by without the help of an IT department. If the IT department isn’t a part of the company, it may hire the IT consulting services that are provided by consultants to meet its requirements. When they do, they usually make a contract so that there is… Read More »

Contract for Consulting Services

Every company will need to hire one consulting service or the other to keep things going for them. It could be a business consulting service, a real estate consulting service or an IT consulting service that they need help from, but it should always be a norm to make a contract with the service providing… Read More »

Marketing Consultant Contracts

A company will have to employ a lot of novel marketing strategies to succeed in its business. And when it thinks that the marketing department that it has is not enough for the business, it usually takes the help of a marketing consultant company. When a company and a marketing consultant company work together on… Read More »

Standard Consulting Contract

Using help of consulting firms has become a norm for companies and start-ups. They get the benefit of using a service without really having to waste space and time on any area that want help in, that way. While using consulting firms for our needs is something of a necessity for any company, it is… Read More »

Marketing Consulting Services Contract

A marketing consulting services contract is a kind of a contract which is made in the case when a business hires the services of a marketing consulting service provider. The contract is made between these two parties and is made to formalize or legalize the arrangement of services. A marketing consulting services contract lays down… Read More »

Engineering Consulting Contracts

An engineering consulting contract is a kind of a contract which is made between a company and an engineering consultant where in the company uses the services of the consultant so as to resolve issues which it may not be skilled to do on its own. The contract mentions all the terms and conditions which… Read More »