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Interior Design Contract Template

Whenever a person hires an interior designer for designing services, then the designer and the client get into an agreement or contract which is known as an interior design contract. An interior design contract is a legally binding document which is framed in order to formalize the arrangement which is formed between the two parties… Read More »

Subcontractor Contract Agreement

A subcontractor is a person who is hired by a construction contractor to carry out construction duties. A subcontractor is generally hired in the case when the contractor may not have time to carry out construction duties and may decide to hand over the work to another third party on contract basis. A subcontractor contract… Read More »

Construction Development Contract Template

A construction development contract is that kind of a contract or an agreement which is formed between a construction company and the client who hires the construction company for some kind of a construction development work. The contract is a legally binding document which lays down all those terms and conditions on the basis of… Read More »

House Construction Contract Agreement Template

A house construction contract agreement is a kind of an agreement which is made in the case when a person hires a construction company to carry out the construction work for a house. In this case, the contract is made between the client and the construction company and formalizes the discussions done between the parties… Read More »

Construction Management Services Contract Template

A construction management services contract is a kind of a contract which is formed in the case when a client hires a construction management service provider to manage the services being carried out on a construction site owned by him/her. The contact specifies the roles of both the parties as well as gives the various… Read More »