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Commercial Contract

A commercial contract is a form of contract that is very useful for business purposes. The contract is a legal form of document wherein the two or more parties of business involved are agreed to commit on working mutual for reaching goals and objectives. The business companies involved for this commercial contract are accountable for… Read More »

Business Contract Template

A business contract template is a kind of a document which works as a ready to use contract document and can be used by anyone to frame a business contract. Such templates have a complete outline of a contract and are also provided with guided instructions which help users complete the formal documentation. Business contract… Read More »

Business Partnership Investment Contract

A business partnership investment contract is a kind of a contract which is made in the case when two or more than parties involved in a business partnership discuss the investment terms or details with one another. The contract acts as a proof of the discussion and is a legally binding document which no one… Read More »

Business Consultancy Services Contract

A business consultancy services contract is a kind of a contract which is made between a business company and a consultancy services provider in order to formalize the various matters which have been discussed between both the parties. The contract specifies the roles and responsibilities of the parties as well as the terms and conditions… Read More »

Business Franchise Contract

Whenever a business chooses or appoints another person or entity for running the business’s franchise, then the parties enter into an arrangement which is formally known as a business franchise contract. A business franchise contract is a legal document which lists down all the details and terms and conditions to which both the parties have… Read More »