Business Franchise Contract

By | November 24, 2014

Whenever a business chooses or appoints another person or entity for running the business’s franchise, then the parties enter into an arrangement which is formally known as a business franchise contract. A business franchise contract is a legal document which lists down all the details and terms and conditions to which both the parties have agreed to.

A business franchise contract template on the other hand is a readymade business franchise contract that can be used by those who do not know how to frame such formal contracts on their own. There are blank spaces left in such contracts that can be used to personalize it. A sample of a business franchise contract is given below and can be used for the purpose of reference by anyone.

Sample Business Franchise Contract

This is a business franchise contract which comes into effect from ___________ [mention the date on which the contract will come into effect] and shall remain effective until __________ [mention the date till which the contract will remain effective].

This contract has been signed and made effective between the FRANCHISOR the FRANCHISEE wherein the FRANCHISOR has agreed to franchise out ____________ [mention name of the business that has been franchised] to the FRANCHISEE for the above mentioned time period.

The details of the parties involved in this contract are given as follows:

Details of the FRANCHISOR:

Name of the Business: _________________________________ [give the official name of the business of the franchisor]

Owner of business: _________________________________ [Give the name of the business owner]

Official address of the business: ________________ [give the official address of the business]

Contact number of business: ______________ [give the contact number of the business]

Details of the FRANCHISEE

Name of the franchisee: _________________________________ [give the name of the franchisee]

Address of the franchisee: ________________ [give the address of the franchisee]

Contact number of franchisee: __________________________ [give the contact number of the franchisee]

Details of the franchise arrangement:

Address of the franchise: _____________[give the address of the franchise to be run by the franchisee]

Areas to be run by the franchisee: __________[mention the various parts of the franchise which will be under the care of the franchisee]

Terms & Conditions of the Contract:

  1. _____________________________________________________________.
  2. _____________________________________________________________.
  3. _____________________________________________________________.
  4. [in these points, give the various terms and conditions of the franchisee arrangement]


_____________________________                                  _____________________________

[Inthese spaces, the franchisor and the franchisee must sign to show their consent]