Business Consultancy Services Contract

By | November 24, 2014

A business consultancy services contract is a kind of a contract which is made between a business company and a consultancy services provider in order to formalize the various matters which have been discussed between both the parties. The contract specifies the roles and responsibilities of the parties as well as the terms and conditions mutually agreed by both.

A business consultancy services contract template is a ready to use business consultancy services contract which can be used by anyone to frame such a contract by filling in the provided blank spaces. The template can be customised easily by using the instructions provided. A sample of a business consultancy services contract template is given below and can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Business Consultancy Services Contract

This is a business consultancy services contract which is framed in order to _________ [mention the purpose of the contract]. This arrangement has been made between the BUSINESS and the CONSULTANT.

Commencement date of contract:

Termination date of contract:

Effective length of contract:

[in this spaces, mention all the important dates of the contract]

The BUSINESS has hired the CONSULTANT for providing consultancy of ________ [mention the kind of consultancy services to be provided] wherein the CONSULTANT will be paid a certain sum of money in return for the services.

The details of the involved parties are given below.

Details of the BUSINESS:

[Mention the various details of the BUSINESS or company in these spaces]

Type of business:

Name of business:

Business owner:

Address of the business:

Contact number of the business:

Details of the CONSULTANT:

[Mention the various details of the CONSULTANT in these spaces]

Full Name:

Company Name:

Contact Address:

Contact number of the consultant:

Details of the services:

  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________

[Mention the various services which the consultant will be providing to the business]

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The BUSINESS agrees to hire the CONSULTANT for the _______[mention the services]
  2. The BUSINESS will pay a total sum of __________ [mention the total sum of money] to the CONSULTANT for the services provided.
  3. The CONSULTANT must be present at the______[mention the location where the CONSULTANT must be present] on _________[mention the days] at ________[mention the time]
  4. ____________[give all the other terms and conditions of the contract here]


_______________________________ [the BUSINESS owner must sign in this space]

_______________________________ [the CONSULTANT must sign in this space]