Advertising Agency Agreement Contract

By | November 24, 2014

An advertising agency when agreeing to take on an account i.e. to provide their services to a certain client, will sign a contract with them. This contract between the advertising agency and the respective client (be it a business entity or an individual), is commonly called the advertising agency agreement contract.

And the template which represents the format of this contract type is referred to as the advertising agency agreement contract. The template puts to display how the framer of the document can/ should record the relevant details of the parties, terms etc. as pertaining to the respective contract.

Sample Advertising Agency Agreement Contract

Date of contract signing: ______________________

The advertising agency by the name ___________________________ (name of the advertising agency must be provided here), represented by the _______________ (job title of the representing personnel), ________________________ (name of the personnel); is entering a contract with ________________________ (name of the client company) represented by the ____________________ (job title of the official representing the client company must be mentioned here) as on the date of signing.

As per the contract, the AGENCY- name for the advertising company for contractual purposes has rendered its services to, the CLIENT- name for the client company for the purposes of this contract; for a period of ____________________ (the duration for which the agency will serve the client must be mentioned here). The contract thus commences on ________________ (date of commencement of contract) and expires on _______________ (expiration date of the contract must be filled here).

Details of the AGENCY:

(Read the heads given before the blanks below and fill out the following details of the named agency).

Company Name: _________________________________________

Company Location: _______________________________________

Company Contact No.: ____________________________________

Authorised personnel Name: _______________________________

Details of the CLIENT:

(According to the heads/ titles that precede the blank spaces given below, fill out the required information of the named client).

Company Name: _______________________________________

Company Location: _____________________________________

Company Contact No.: ___________________________________

Authorised Personnel Name: ______________________________

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The AGENCY is required to provide _______________________ (mention the services to be provided in brief) services to the CLIENT.
  2. The CLIENT will pay the AGENCY quarterly fees of ____________________ (mention the fees amount to be paid) every quarter without delay.
  3. Both the parties agree to abide by the contract which is bound by law.


(The parties must sign on the blanks above the space provided for their names, and in the brackets write the names of the respective individuals).

_____________________________                                 _____________________________

(Agency personnel name)                                                              (Client personnel Name)